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Ola, chicos!

My first post – the first one was just a welcome note – is, in fact, an answer to my friend’s post in her blog : Tattoo or not tattoo?

And here’s my answer:

*Pieces of Me*

*Pieces of Me*

I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo. Since I was young. But it took me a while to decide whether or not I should really get it. All those questions haunted me, “what if i regret it?” “and what if it doesn’t look so nice?” “what if the tattooer is not that good?” “what if it hurst a lot?” “what if…?” “what if…?”

The point is: I’m sure I made the right decision. I didn’t get tattooed very young, as I was a typical teenager and I used to change my mind as often I changed clothes – and that was a lot!

I had my first tattoo when I was 25. No, it didn’t hurt. I’d carefully decided on the drawing – stars had always been a passion – I drew the stars and printed them. Took them to the tattooer – a highly recommended one – and got my first little stars. Love them!!!!!

Two years later, I got the other ones. On the same day. People say that you shouldn’t have an even number of tattoos – it’s bad luck. Again, it took me a while to decide on them ‘cause I wanted to be sure about what I really wanted. That’s when I got a sentence tattoed on my right foot – “força Sempre” (there’s an explanation for this sentence) and a little A, as it is the first letter of my name. I wrote this little A on a piece of paper and the tattooed used it on my neck. So, it’s my own handwriting.

The point is: IF you decide to get a tattoo, be sure to check some important aspects:

*be sure about what you want to have tatooed on your body – this is an important decision. you’ll probably have that for the rest of your life;

*ask friends for tattooers – you’ll feel safer if you get tattooed by someone you’ve already seen the job;

*be sure the place is totally clean, if the tattoer wears gloves, things like that;

*be sure to check if they use disposable needles.

Now, four years later, I’ve been thinking about getting new ones – two, again, as i need to have an odd number of tattoos.

Does anybody have any suggestion?!??!?!?!

Help me, pleeeeeeease!!!!



3 Respostas to "Tattoos…"

anaa ! I loved your tattooes!

its difficult to choose another one.. íts very personal.

Oh my!!! I’ve never noticed you had tattoes, Aninha!
Btw… Have you ever noticed mine?! hehehe… 😉
I have 2. Hummmm… even number!
Gotta get a 3rd soon, right?!
My first was made about 2 years ago
and the second – last April.
The first is on my back, quite below my neck:
3 butterflies – they mean CHANGE & FREEDOM.
The second is a small treble clef on my left wrist
– that obviously represents my great love for MUSIC, musicians,… [maybe a special one I’m still in love with…] ai ai……
and everything else which is somehow connected to music!!!
I definitely agree with you that
we have to wait for the right time to have a tatto.
Not a good idea for teens!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT REALLY!
We become addict to them… it’s true!
I just love them this much!!!! I love mine!!!!
And yours are also awesome.


What´s up? Great idea to collect data. BTW, I just love tattoes I have three butterflies spread all over my body (hum!!!), nothing too sexy.

Miss ya!!!

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