*Lunch time!*

Posted on: 17 17UTC setembro 17UTC 2009

Hi, everybody…

It’s lunch time and I’m posting…

So, there’s no better question than:

What do you like eating and drinking ?

And what do you dislike eating/drinking?

I’m very picky when it comes to food. I LOVE eating, but only the things I like. And they’re usually not very healthy… 😦

Anyway, my favorite kind of food is Italian food. But there’s nothing I like more than bread. I could live my entire life just eating bread.

Just love it!

Just love it!

 I also like eating potatoes – any kind of potatoes -, chicken, cheese. My favorite dish is a special kind of chicken that my mother cooks with corn, peas, tiny pieces of ham… yummy!

However, I don’t like eating green leaves. You know, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, these kinds of things.


But I think that the two food things that I really dislike are onions – they sound like cockroaches when you bite them! – and bananas.

What about you?!?!?

Looking forward to hearing from you…




Hey, what's for lunch?!?!?

Hey, what's for lunch?!?!?


17 Respostas to "*Lunch time!*"

I don’t have a favorite food but I like eating shrimp, ice cream, fish, beef …
I like drinking juice and soda. but I prefer juice and I dont like lemonade.

I don’t like eating papaya, “jiló” and lemon.

Hi, Ian!

Thanks for answering…

I like ice cream, too. But I don’t like eating shrimp, fish, beef…


See you tomorrow,
Ana Luiza

I like food, rice, beans, meat, fruits, hanburguer hot dogs and like to drink, soda and juice.

I like everything!

Italian food is my favorite!!!!!!!

I like eating shrimp, beef, fish, banana, apple, grapes, brocolis, onion …

I like drinking soda and juice.

I don’t like lettuce! Yuck!

Nathálya Navarro – I4

Hi, Nathálya!
Thanks for answering..

Well, there’s nothing better than Italian food…

However, I don’t like the other things you mentioned… Onions sound like cockroaches when you chew them… yuck! lol

See you tomorrow!

Ana Luiza

I have many favorite foods, ex: shrimp, beff, pasta, chocolat, candy. But I dislike eat okra ! I hate okra !
I like drink regular Coke, and all the kinds of juice. I dislike drink tea.

Hi, Gabriela!
thanks for answering…

Well, I dislike eating okra, too. My mom loves it!

Don’t you like tea?! I love it!!!!!


See you tomorrow!
Ana Luiza

I love very much pasta and any kind of cheese.

I also like eating potato, egg and rice. I don’t like eating peas and


I like drinking soda , water , coffee and tea.


Kátia Holanda.

Hi, Kátia!
thanks for answering…

Well, about food, I think we have the same opinion. I LOVE pasta and cheese. And potatoes?!?!?! Well, they’re my favorite!!!!!

See you tomorrow…

Ana Luiza

Hi Teacher!

My favorite food it’s italian food too, i love pizza, and pasta, it’s my favorite! I like potatoes too, french fries or “rostie”, i love all of them…But i have to say, i like eating everthing, i like green ones too, and meat, or chicken, well, everthing hahahahah
I love drinking soda and some kinds of tea!
Thanks, See you Teacher

Italian food is THE best, isn’t it, Pedro!
I simply couldn’t live without it…

See you in class!


Well, I love eating! I eat a lot of healthy food, but nowadays I’m trying to apreciate more the fruits. My favorites are: peach, pear and apple. I love apples!
The kind of food that I love? I really don’t know! I love Japanese food, Italian food, brazilian food…
I can eat everything. I have only to focus on the quantity.


I know exactly what you mean about “quantity”… I love eating, too… Unfortunately, I just like eating the things that I like… not healthy food… I don’t really like very unhealthy food, either.


See you!

I like to eat french fries and drink coke.
I dislike to eat rice and drink wine.

See you in the classroom!

Kisses =*

I like eating French fries, too… Potatoes rock!!!! But I don’t really drink Coke… I stopped drinking soda five four years ago! 🙂

See you in class!


Hi, Ana!

My favorite kind of food is Japanese and Brazilian food. My favorite dish is octopus with rice and broccoli. I like ice cream, white chocolat, fish, cheese, breads, pizza and, cassava…rs… I think that’s. But, I hate tomatoes, onions and, eggplant.

I like drinking pineapple juice with mint, H2O!, Coca-Cola light and, “Caipirinha”, but I don’t like Lipton Ice Tea and, beer.

Hi, Myriam

Do you like Japanese food?? Really??? I can’t eat that… 😦
I don’t like anything from the sea… I don’t like green things, either.

But ice cream, chocolate, cheese, bread, pizza, and cassava, yeah, I love them!!!!!!!!!

About drinks, I don’t like anything that you like. And I like what you don’t : I love Ice tea!!!!!!


See you in class!!!

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