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Hi, everybody…

It’s lunch time and I’m posting…

So, there’s no better question than:

What do you like eating and drinking ?

And what do you dislike eating/drinking?

I’m very picky when it comes to food. I LOVE eating, but only the things I like. And they’re usually not very healthy… 😦

Anyway, my favorite kind of food is Italian food. But there’s nothing I like more than bread. I could live my entire life just eating bread.

Just love it!

Just love it!

 I also like eating potatoes – any kind of potatoes -, chicken, cheese. My favorite dish is a special kind of chicken that my mother cooks with corn, peas, tiny pieces of ham… yummy!

However, I don’t like eating green leaves. You know, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, these kinds of things.


But I think that the two food things that I really dislike are onions – they sound like cockroaches when you bite them! – and bananas.

What about you?!?!?

Looking forward to hearing from you…




Hey, what's for lunch?!?!?

Hey, what's for lunch?!?!?


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